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allowed Jonathan to emerge from his life of poverty and homelessness. People Power had a powerful impact on his life. And it can have a huge impact on yours.


People Power can inspire you. It can guide you through great difficulties. It can lead you to high achievement and unparalleled success. 

Chief at a State Attorney General’s Office. “He has a powerful story of triumph against the odds that will appeal to many audiences. His humor and insight make him both entertaining and encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him speak!” said Katrina Metzler of the National Association for State Community Services Programs.

Yet, Jonathan will be the first to tell you that his achievements were not made alone. They were made possible by family, friends and colleagues who served as a positive influence in his life, especially during the most challenging times. In other words, People Power

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Would you like to inspire your group? Would you like to show your group how they can lead each other to success? Would you like the members of your group to have a better appreciation for each other? If so, then you have to experience Jonathan’s presentation titled, “The Fine Art of People Power.”


People Power refers to the power that everyone has to influence others positively. In order to showcase People Power, Jonathan shares stories of his journey from living in public housing projects and homeless shelters as a child to becoming an attorney and Section

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Dream big!

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